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Our numbers


Aluminium scrap
on purchased material

+ 43%

Aluminium scrap
on purchased material*


Investments in recycling in millions of euro*

- 9.000

Ton/Year of Co2
thanks to regenerative furnaces and photovoltaic systems.

*Data based on 2018

Our contribution to a sustainable future

We like to work for a sustainable future in which we will be always more able to reuse and give new life to the natural resources at our disposal. And what is more sustainable than aluminium? It can be infinitely recycled and it can maintain its qualities intact even when it is remelted and reprocessed.

At Profilglass we have an entire Division for the collection, selection and recycling of scrap material. Our contribution to the circular economy starts from here, from the raw material we process.

Discover our Recycling Division

Green alloys, aluminium has many lives

Profilglass’ Green Alloys arise from our expertise in the field of recycling and our ability to give new life to aluminium, starting from scrap.

As a result of research processes with our strategic clients, these alloys are a perfect example of circular economy and they allow us to:

  • recover raw material from scrap
  • optimize our production cycle
  • maximize the benefits for the environment 

Green Cookware Alloy

The ‘Green Cookware Alloy’ is produced up to 100% with recycled aluminium waste, in particular cans, and is designed for the production of cookware and kitchen utensils, but also for signage, roofing and a vast variety of other applications.

  • Up to 100% recycled
  • 95% energy saved
  • 100% Safe
  • 100% Sustainable

Green-AL, our green alloy for the automotive industry

Green-AL is made with 70% recycled aluminium.

Highly workable and suitable for structural applications, it was developed for chassis and internal components of vehicles and is particularly performing even in components with complex shapes.

Suitable for pressing and resistant to mechanical and thermal stress, it is the right choice for lighter and safer cars.

  • 70% recycled
  • Resistant
  • Light-weight
  • Sustainable

Contact us to find out more about our Green Alloys

Sustainability Report

In the Sustainability Report are all our current and future commitments, on environmental, social and economic levels. Who is it for?

Our stakeholders


Our local community

Our employees

All those interested in learning more about our business

Care for the Environment

On the roofs of our plants, we have installed 53,000 photovoltaic panels to produce clean energy: one of the largest solar parks in Italy with a power of 16.2 MWp. Other examples of what we do to make our business more sustainable:

We reduce the consumption

of methane gas with regenerative combustion and oxy-combustion systems

We save electricity

with the led lighting
of our plants

We optimize the consumption

of energy-intensive systems with high-efficiency motors

Our Goal: increasingly sustainable

Our goal is to be increasingly sustainable in every respect: environmental but also social and economic. It is the direction in which all our investments, our research and our relationship with customers and suppliers are going.

And it is also the reason why we are always close to our community, because sustainability is also measured by the way we deal with those around us.

Virtual Tour

Take a Virtual Tour of our company: a closer look at departments, processing and at the whole world of Profilglass.

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