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Recycling Division

Eco-sustainable, light, resistant, non-toxic, of high formability and workability, aluminum has unique qualities that remain unchanged even when it is recycled.

In our division dedicated to recycling, every day we check and process hundreds of tons of recycled materials and cans, using the most advanced technologies to select, process and transform them into new semi-finished products. Today our aluminum derives for 80% from scrap.


The foundry section, our first raw material transformation point, is equipped with modern plate pouring furnaces and state-of-the-art degassing and filtering systems which guarantee high quality standards.

More specifically, our foundry can produce plates made of aluminium alloys in the series 1XXX, 3XXX, 4XXX, 5XXX and 8XXX up to 1,650 mm wide and with a maximum weight of 12,000 kg.

Continuous casting

The six lines for continuous casting at Profilglass are fitted with furnaces using innovative liquid metal treatment systems which allow for perfect homogeneizing as well as degasing and filtering devices which ensure the correct quality standards in aluminium.

These plants work non-stop 24/7 and are able to produce aluminium coils in the alloys 1XXX, 3XXX and 8XXX, weighing up to 11,000 kg, with a belt width up to 1,650 mm and a thickness range between 5 and 8 mm.

Hot rolling

Built thanks to a substantial investment on the occasion of our thirty years in business, the hot rolling mill completes and optimises our production processes and the product range we offer on the market. The rated power of the installation is about 8 Megawatt developed along a dedicated area covering a total surface of 18,000 square metres.

Provided with the most advanced control systems, in compliance with high quality standards, it is designed for the hot lamination of about 150,000 tons/year of aluminium plates up to 4 mm thick.

Cold rolling

The coils obtained from intermediate forging, continuous casting or bought from others, can be processed in the four cold rolling systems, where they reach the thickness required by the client, from 8mm to 80 micron.

Equipped with efficient automation systems to control the process, thickness and planarity, these reversible and single-direction installations can reach a production capacity of about 180,000 tons/year.

Heat treatments

After lamination, the aluminium undergoes heat treatments which give the material the necessary mechanical characteristics for processing during the finishing phases.

The aluminium cycle at Profilglass is then completed by various kinds of annealing - partial, complete or homogeneizing - in 10 dedicated furnaces, which allow for precise and accurate temperature control and, thanks to the inert atmosphere inside, preserve the typical sheen of aluminium.

Surface treatment

Through three degreasing, alkaline and electrochemical lines we make sure that aluminium undergoes surface treatments to improve this material’s performance levels, for example by facilitating the adhesion of coatings/paints or decoration and protecting it against corrosion to preserve its appearance over time.


The finishing phase is the pride of the company Profilglass: as many as 20 machines, all of them restyled, ensure the production of belts, slipped coils, discs, metal sheets, strips, ovals or triangles with the utmost cutting accuracy and exact compliance with the tolerance values, no matter how small, required by final customers.

Accessory moulding

Thanks to the plastic material moulding line, which mainly makes use of polypropylene and polyamide, as well as to the presses for aluminium and iron detail moulding, our company is able to produce a wide range of accessories, taking care also of decoration details.

Mechanical workshop

Our in-house mechanical workshop, with its modern numerical control machinery including lathes, mills, grinding machines, machine centres and electrical discharge machining, makes it possible for us to produce independently and to measure the rolls for forming machines used to produce double glazing, as well as to promptly take care of plant control and maintenance, of all the changes in casting wheels and hot or cold rolling, which ensures constant efficiency over time.

Profiles finishing

Spacing and decoration profiles for double glazing have always been a Profilglass trademark and today we are world leaders in the industry, with the ability to deliver immediately, thanks to 15,000 mq of dedicated warehouses. With our 15 high precision profiling lines and modern painting plants, we process profiles in all shapes, models, and measures, offering a complete range of colours, also dealing with the moulding of the assembling accessories.

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