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We are pleased to present the restyling of our company logo and our new motto. A change of image, in continuity with our history, to best represent the values and the people behind the aluminum we produce. We have always been committed to producing quality aluminum with sustainable processes. Over the years we have grown to become a large group of almost a thousand people, capable of exporting to 90 countries around the world and participating in the realization of some of the most important global building sites. The stages of this evolution, which can also be read through our logos in the history below, would not have been possible without the main ingredients of our company: the people and the passion for our work.

It is from this awareness that the idea of a logo restyling and the choice of the new motto was born: People, Passion, Aluminum. Non-random words, in a non-random order in which Passion is the link between what we are and what we do. The real engine of our daily commitment, from the birth of the company, in 1982, and still today.

In the word People you have Profilglass’ attention to the human factor and the awareness that we are a team, that works together with great cohesiveness. But there is also the attention to the local territory and its community, which consists of committed realities, engaged in many sectors. In Passion you have the dedication to our work and the continuous investment in research and development. Finally, in Aluminum, you have the heart of our history, that does not come second, but is enriched by new dimensions, to even better express the many qualities of aluminum: the real metal of the future.

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